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This blog is dedicated to KOKIA (Akiko Yoshida), a singer-songwriter from Japan. Mostly known for her work for anime/game soundtracks, she's also very active in releasing original work. This is a fan-created, unofficial blog. Feel free to ask or submit!

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KOKIA/15th anniversary concert「COLOR OF LIFE」digest movie (by KOKIAch)

The digest preview video for KOKIA’s 15th anniversary concert COLOR OF LIFE! The DVD will be released September 10. More news in KOKIA’s recent blog entry of August 19, which will be translated and shared here as soon as possible. For now, enjoy the preview!


Dance with the wind (album Where to go my love?)
Otomaki utamaki no uta ‘song of sowing sounds and sowing songs’ (new song)
Anshin no naka ’In peace’ (album Remember Me)
Yume no tochuu ‘on the way to my dream’ (album Where to go my love?)
moment ~ima o ikiru~ ‘live in the now’ (album moment)
Kasa o kashite agete 'please lend your umbrella' (bonus song included in the COLOR OF LIFE Photobook)

Spring, 2013.

Once more, I start walking.

To continue the dream we created together.

Release: September 10, 2013 
¥ 5,000 (tax included) (approx. $51 USD)

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